Launching the Postgraduate Forum for Science, Technology, Innovation and Society (PF-STIS)

PF-STIS is a Science, Technology and Society (STS) studies forum for doctoral students and early career researchers to exchange ideas and discuss academic and professional development. Colleagues may be aware the group’s forerunner – the Postgraduate Forum for Genetics and Society (PFGS). The PFGS was funded by the genomics centres and involved many people who have gone on to high profile careers. PF-STIS aims to be a space that encourages new scholars to refine their ideas, methodologies and projects in dialogue with one another and to provide a network of colleagues as people move into professional roles.

The PF-STIS expands the remit of the PFGS in two ways. Substantively, PF-STIS welcomes a broad range of topics including studies focusing on sciences, technologies and innovations. Secondly, PF-STIS participation is aimed at early career researchers, as well as postgraduates, in order to offer experiential knowledge to doctoral students and some stability during the ‘bumpy’ first few years of an academic career

The forum has monies available so that students can apply for funding to run activities such as workshops, symposia and online discussions. This is a great opportunity to gain experience of hosting academic events.

The first workshop will be based around introducing participants and setting a two-year agenda for the forum. This means that subsequent events and activities can be tailored to the membership. It will also involve appointing volunteers to the steering group of the PF-STIS. This first “steering workshop” will be held in April/May at the University of Sheffield. Funding for subsequent workshops will be awarded to proposals.

We will be in touch soon with more details.

In the meantime, if you have any comments / would like us to keep you up to date with any developments, drop us a line at pfgscomm [at] gmail com.

Organising Committee

Peter Fuzesi (University of Lancaster)
Celso Gomes (University of Sheffield)
Robert Meckin (University of Sheffield)
Julia Swallow (University of Leeds)